ATF 60G-3 EM 4

Strong. Long. And light. The new ATF 60G-3.

The new ATF 60G-3 stands out due to its strong lifting capacities, especially when telescoping under load, its long 48 m main boom and its compliance with legally prescribed axle load limits of 10 to 12 t without any problems. Thus it takes only little time and effort to get this crane ready for operation in countries with appropriately strict axle load regulations. All this is possible, because the new ATF 60G-3 features a new and revolutionary drive concept, meaning that the engine and the gearbox are not arranged in the carrier like it is the state of the art but in the rear part of the superstructure. Like this, the carrier can be manufactured more rigid and lighter and the drive components work like an additional counterweight.

The overall concept of the ATF 60G-3 is completed by the main boom which, with a length of 48 m, is not only long but also extremely compact, meaning that the crane is especially well suited for operations subject to height limitations, as in halls, tunnels or under bridges. The new drive concept also provides significant benefits for the crane operator: on the one hand, during on-road travel, as the engine is far away from the carrier cab, so that noise pollution is accordingly low. And, on the other hand, during crane operation, as the engine and the exhaust gas system are at all times behind the superstructure cab, thus creating a more relaxing and safer environment for crane work.

The development and testing phase of the new ATF 60G-3 is almost completed. For a more detailed information on delivery time etc., please contact your responsible TADANO contact.

Technical data

  • Max. Lifting Capacity
    60 t
  • Boom
    9.5 m - 48 m
  • Boom extension
    1.6 m - 7.4 m
  • Max. Sheave height
    58.4 m
  • Max. radius
    44 m
  • Engine

    Mercedes Benz (Euromot IV, EPA Tier 4f)
    superstructure: 260 kW (354 HP)

  • Gearing mechanism
    ZF-AS-Tronic 12 AS 1625 SO
  • Gear
    6 x 4 x 6 on-road (6 x 6 x 6 off-road)
  • Dimensions

    Length: 11.18 m
    Width: 2.66 m
    Height: 3.68 m

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