Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-Terrain Cranes

TADANO Rough-Terrain Cranes are manufactured in Japan. As the German subsidiary we undertake the organisation of distribution and service for the models GR-300EX, GR-500EX, GR-600EX and GR-800EX, which have max. lifting capacities from 30 to 80 tons.

TADANO Rough-Terrain Cranes allow for safe operation by monitoring the crane operation and control “overload area lifting” by an advanced crane operating system and the AML-C device. The cranes are equipped with a rounded boom that was manufactured with cumulatively developed production technology.

As environmentally conscious technology, which was required recently, TADANO Rough-Terrain Cranes are equipped with a monitoring function of fuel consumption (“Fuel Monitoring System”), a controlling system of maximum engine speed to reduce noise and fuel consumption (“Eco Mode System”) and an effective control system of hydraulic pump discharge (“Positive Control”) . In addition, we newly globally adopted “HELLO-NET”, a telematic system for crane management, to reduce your maintenance costs. All these features contribute to your effective operation.

Our current product range

Max. Lifting Capacity: 80 t
Boom Length: 12 m - 47 m
Boom extension: 10.1 m / 17.7 m
Max. Sheave height: 67 m
Max. radius: 53.9 m
Max. Lifting Capacity: 60 t
Boom Length: 11 m - 43 m
Boom extension: 10.1 m / 17.7 m
Max. Sheave height: 63 m
Max. radius: 50.3 m
Max. Lifting Capacity: 50 t
Boom Length: 10.7 m - 34.7 m
Boom extension: 8.8 m / 15.2 m
Max. Sheave height: 53 m
Max. radius: 42.2 m
Max. Lifting Capacity: 30 t
Boom Length: 9.7 m - 31 m
Boom extension: 7.2 m / 12.8 m
Max. Sheave height: 46.5 m
Max. radius: 37.2 m