For several decades we have been busy day-in and day-out with exactly one thing: the construction of mobile cranes. If you are looking for a knowledgable und reliable manufacturer of mobile cranes, you have come to the right place.

The Tadano Group is exhibiting its products yet again on the bauma in Munich, the world’s largest construction industry trade fair. In focus: the new 4- and 5-axle cranes - ATF‑100‑4.1 and ATF‑120‑5.1.
With the launch of a new crane line for the European market, the telescopic boom crawler cranes, and that of the new star in the 60-ton-class, the ATF 60G-3, Tadano Faun GmbH is continuously developing its product portfolio.
A new era in Management started in 2017, when Kenichi Sawada took over Tadano Faun GmbH following Alexander Knecht.
Presentation of the new ATF 60G-3, ATF 600G-8 und GTC-800 with CE mark at bauma in Munich; in total we displayed 8 all-terrain cranes, 1 truck-mounted crane as well as 1 telescopic crawler and 1 rough-terrain crane and were once again the manufacturer presenting the most mobile cranes at bauma
Tadano Crane Day 2015: Official market introduction of the new ATF 600G-8 with the revolutionary Tadano Triple-Boom System; introduction of two additional product upgrades within the EU Stage IV/Tier 4f revision: ATF 220G-5 and ATF 180G-5
Launch of the new All-Terrain Cranes ATF 100G-4 and ATF 70G-4 (52.1 m) with the new engine generation EU Stage IV; modernization of the administrative building and construction of a new test shop; expansion of direct sales in the United Kingdom and Ireland by taking over Cranes UK Ltd. (renamed Tadano UK Ltd.)
Participation in the Bauma 2013 exhibition with seven All-Terrain cranes (the most of all crane manufacturers), one Truck-Mounted crane, one Telescopic Crawler crane and two Truck Loader cranes.; renovation and development of our business premises, including movement of spare parts storage to neighbouring site and investing in a new test site in Pegnitz
Market introduction of new All-Terrain cranes ATF 400G-6, ATF 180G-5 and of w Truckthe ne-Mounted crane HK 65
Celebratory introduction of the new six axle All-Terrain crane ATF 400G-6 within the CRANE DAYS in May; its first real job took place already two months after
Participation in the BAUMA 2010 exhibiting with again 10 cranes, including first time a Telescopic Crawler crane of the new Tadano Group member MantisCorp., USA
Introduction of the ATF 130G-5 and the HK 70 which is the one and only 70 t 5-axle Truck-Mounted crane made in Germany
Tadano Faun was honoured with the most awards by the German magazine 'Kranmagazin' on occasion of the competition 'Crane of the Year 2008'; the ATF 220G-5 and ATF 360G-6 are elected No. 1 within their categories
Participation in the BAUMA with 10 cranes, including six innovations like the flagship ATF 360G-6 providing a max. lifting capacity of 360 t; the stand is voted to be No. 1 of the 6 participating crane manufacturers by `Cranes Today´ readers
Launch of the ATF 220G-5 providing a max. lifting capacity of 220 t and a max. hook height of 108 m; start of substantial factory reconstruction works in order to adjust the All-Terrain crane production in numbers and sizes. 
The ATF 80-4 and ATF 160G-5 are voted to be the ‘Crane of the Year 2005’; launch of the ATF 65G-4, the successor of the bestseller ATF 60-4, and the GR-300EX Rough-Terrain crane in Europe
BAUMA introduction of the new ‘G’ (= Global) Type All-Terrain cranes ATF 110G-5 and ATF 160G-5 with 'Lift Adjuster' as well as the Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-700EX. 
10 years celebrations of the Tadano and FAUN cooperation; launch of the ATF 45-3 as 1st crane equipped with the new FAUN steering system as well as of the ATF 80-4 with the new 1 cylinder telescopic system and with a 'cockpit' designed upper cab; launch of the the BKF 35-4 'civil version'
Launch of the All-Terrain crane ATF 60-4 as ‘taxi crane’, which means that it is able to move on the road within 12 t axle load being fully equipped
Celebrations on occasion of the 150th company's anniversary
from 1991
Development of an entirely new line of All-Terrain cranes from 40 t to 360 t; 40 t, 60 t and 70 t crane superstructures for conventional truck chassis; 40 t BKF recovery vehicle and special crane carriers; Euopean marketing of the Tadano Rough-Terrain cranes with 30 t, 55 t and 70 t capacity
Foundation of Tadano Faun GmbH as sales, marketing and service organisation
Tadano Ltd. Takamatsu, Japan acquires FAUN; foundation of FAUN GmbH
FAUN ownership changed to O & K (Orenstein & Koppel)
All-Terrain rane development up to 50 t
mid 80's
Birth of the All-Terrain technology: combination of the traditional advantages of the Rough-Terrain and the Truck-Mounted cranes; the 1st All-Terrain crane is providing 30 t lifting capacity
Product line: airport fire-fighting vehicles, heavy-duty tractors and crane carriers; Truck-Mounted cranes, design of superstructures providing 35/60/100 t max. lifting capacity to be fitted on FAUN chassis; Rough-Terrain cranes with 20/30/40 t max. lifting capacity
The 1000th road sweeper is delivered and the 1000th crane chassis
Product line: crane carriers for nearly all major crane manufacturers up to the end of the 70's, trucks and tractors, communal vehicles, dump trucks, road sweepers and foundry steel/slag transporters
Development of heavy-duty trucks and equipment carriers for military purposes
Introduction of the truck model series L 7, the garbage truck AS 22 and the track-laying tractor K 60
Destruction of the FAUN factory during the war and built up of the new one in Lauf
Introduction of the 3-axle 7,5 t truck type FAUN L 750 D 87
Introduction of the BEL 5 truck crane on the so-called 'B' type carrier
Introduction of the roll-drum garbage collector
Introduction of the 2 t, 45 hp tractor BEZ type B
Merge with "Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach AG" to “Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nürnberg”, for short "FAUN"
Transfer of production to "Nürnberger Feuerlöschgeräte-, Automobillastwagen- und Fahrzeugfabrik Karl Schmidt", design and construction of trucks and special vehicles for the air force
First use of a mixed powered system (petrol engine/dynamo/electro-wheel-hub-engine) for the fire fighting vehicles
World premiere: the first steam driven fire fighting vehicle leaves the factory
Development of a horse-drawn fire fighting vehicle.
Justus Christian Braun founded a bronze casting company