Your direct contact persons at TADANO FAUN GmbH 

Head of Purchasing

Jens Gardlo
General Manager, Material Management
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 5425
E: jens.gardlo(at)

Steel structure and SAP

Jochen Schön
Teamleader, Purchasing
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 216
E: jochen.schoen(at)

Steel structure and SAP: Boom, frame, lattice jibs, tanks, mechanical components, bottom blocks

Components and kanban

Nazan Tekeli
Teamleader, Purchasing
Languages: German, English, Turkish
T: +49 9123 185 230
E: nazan.tekeli(at)

Components and kanban: Cabins, driver cabs, axes, engines, gears, electrical components, radiator, hydraulic components, counterweights, steering, DIN and standard parts, kanban

Indirect material

Udo Kretschmer
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 429 
E: udo.kretschmer(at)

Indirect material: Real estate, machinery, energy, telecommunications, building construction, fleet, services (e. g. engineering and design)

Manager Logistic

Dr. Martin Schuster
Manager, Logistic
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 5303
E: martin.schuster(at)

Logistic: Supply chain management, manufacturing logistic, warehouse logistic

Manufacturing logistic

Marcus Hoffmeister
Teamleader, Logistic
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 5438
E: marcus.hoffmeister(at)

Manufacturing logistic: Inventory control, staging of materials

Warehouse logistic

Thomas Kircher
Teamleader, Logistic
Languages: German
T: +49 9123 185 5481
E: thomas.kircher(at)

Warehouse logistic: Arrival, picking, control centre

Assistance Material Management

Julia Weißenborn
Assistance, Purchasing and Logistics
Languages: German, English, Russian
T: +49 9123 185 359
E: julia.weissenborn(at)