The main task of the logistics division is the management of the continuously increasing division of work along the whole of the value added chain, starting with our raw materials suppliers through to the provision of support to our end customers.

A special focus is made on strengthening the performance of all the internal production divisions in our company.

To be able to respond to the different logistics requirements, at Tadano Faun, this division is divided into supply chain management and production logistics.

Supply Chain Management

It is our goal to identify and realise potentials for improvement along the entire value added chain.

In this context we are consistently aware that in many cases, continual improvements can only be realised if processes are comprehensively brought into question from time to time. In this sense, it is necessary for the existing processes to be with synchronized with the changed framework conditions and/or customer requirements on a regular basis, during which we also incorporate interface partners both on a consistent basis and beyond the boundaries of our company.

Production Logistics

In the field of production logistics, our task is to supply the individual assembly divisions with materials both on an optimum basis and according to their requirements.

The continuous supply of new materials which has to be guaranteed in this context can occur directly from the store and from the pre-assembly division, or from the supplier.

In this way, the production logistics functions as a binding element between our store, the pre-assembly division, the suppliers and the production division. We are also responsible for managing the interfaces with our logistics services provider.