Objective and values
Objective and values

The objective of the entire Tadano Group is clearly defined: we work to provide our customers with hoists and the related services, which not only fulfil their expectations but also exceed them.

Our strategy is SQE – Safety, Quality and Efficiency. This is what we want to be measured by.


The SAFETY of our products and the safety in the workplace have top priority for TADANO. We always endeavour to provide our customers and our society with safe hoists and to provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.


The second core value of TADANO, QUALITY, relates to our internal business processes, products and services. By continually improving our internal processes in the sense of “total quality management”, we can offer reliable products and services.


EFFICIENCY represents the third core value of TADANO. We work passionately to provide hoists, from which our customers can benefit economically over the entire product life span and which contribute to the responsible handling of our environment.