With our help, you can combine theory and practice. As a student, you can complement your theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, by applying for an internship or a student job with us or writing your thesis with us.


Students can complete an internship in a variety of departments at our factory in Lauf an der Pegnitz - from a voluntary internship to complete semester of work placement. We can flexibly adapt the duration of the internship to meet the requirements of your degree. Just speak to us about it.

Student jobs

Would you like to earn a few Euros during your studies and gain your first practical experiences relating to your future profession at the same time? During your semesters, you can work in our factory in Lauf an der Pegnitz as a student employee in a variety of departments. The duration of your employment as a student depends essentially on our requirements, but you should definitely plan on spending three to five months with us. During your semester breaks, you can also work additional hours for us if you like.


Whether you are studying for a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, Magister or Diplom, if the subject of your thesis could interest us then we would welcome your application. It goes without saying that we are also happy to provide you with advice if you do not have a specific topic but have decided on a speciality. Together with you and your university, we are sure to find a specific topic that is advantageous for all.

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