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The facts speak for themselves: Scherzinger Autokrane has replaced their entire crane fleet with TADANO models

The change-over took five years, but as of 2016, all the mobile cranes belonging to the mobile crane rental service from the Black Forest are TADANO cranes. It all started with an ATF 50G-3 and an ATF 90G-4; meanwhile, there are five mobile cranes from Lauf an der Pegnitz standing in Scherzinger‘s machinery yard. Taking such a great step was based mainly on the good price-to-performance ratio and the advantages of the Mercedes engines.

Each and every new crane confirmed the perception that design, crane performance and the dual-engine concept from TADANO are exactly what suits size and requirements at Scherzinger’s. Furthermore, the positive experience was convincing. For Thomas Scherzinger, Managing Director, the key word is reliability. This makes itself felt not only during every operation, but also due to the fact that he has required the TADANO service on very few occasions only. “In a way, it is a pity, because the TADANO staff are real specialists who do their work quickly and in a friendly manner. The few times we needed to call them, we were fully satisfied - of course, this is also due to the fact that we only needed to phone them very rarely.”

Thomas Scherzinger especially focuses on the dual-engine concept which is consistently developed further by TADANO - the only manufacturer to do so. For him, it is the only option for mobile cranes - now and in the future. According to him, a simple cost-benefit analysis shows that the dual-engine concept is superior to one involving a single engine, as this accumulates more operating hours within a shorter time, meaning that engine replacement would be necessary earlier. Further arguments are, from his point of view, reduced fuel consumption due to the fact that the engines available are tailored to crane work and driving. This aspect is also decisive for a medium-sized company, such as Scherzinger’s. 

The youngest member of the TADANO family is an HK 40, a truck crane with a boom 35.2 meters in length. With its 68 meters, its “big brother”, the ATF 220G-5, is at the top end of the scale as regards boom dimensions. It joined the fleet in 2012 together with the ATF 130G-5. Regarding the “big cranes”, Thomas Scherzinger was not only convinced by the grading of the weight categories. The extraordinary stability of the booms was another aspect which spoke in favor of these investments.

Despite the exceptionally cold winter 2016/17, Scherzinger was not able to perceive a slump in the main sectors “construction trade” and “industry”. The TADANO cranes realize their full performance on the road and on construction sites - even at low temperatures. This is also due to the eddy-current brakes which do their job reliably, especially in conjunction with the difficult road conditions in the Black Forest. The same applies to the compact design and the neat axle loads, especially in case of rapid operations without extra ballast.

Scherzinger will continue to be loyal to TADANO in future. This is substantiated by the positive experience of the past five years which has permitted trouble-free performance of his work orders even when the fleet was working at full capacity. This is why Thomas Scherzinger relies on both quality and service provided by the crane manufacturers from Lauf.

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Since 1969, cranes have been the core business of the family-owned company from the Black Forest. The team consisting of nine crane specialists supports customers with logistic solutions in case of individual transportation and crane-work requirements. Ongoing training on a continuous basis and cutting-edge machinery warrant economically efficient services. The work orders come not only from commerce and trade, but also from industrial clients, the building sector and municipalities.