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It is worthwhile: EISELE AG relies on comprehensive overhauls by TADANO

Trust is something which grows over the years and is based on positive experience. EISELE AG from Maintal witnessed the transition from FAUN to TADANO and is committed to their partnership with the long-term crane supplier. The complete overhaul of an ATF 45-3 is the most recent evidence for this trust-based relationship.

Just like any other company, EISELE AG does keep a tight rein on their costs. The responsibility towards their own client base demands a transparent and honest pricing policy which in turn led to the sustainable solution of overhauling one of their cranes. Rocco Schimmel, technical advisor for cranes, platforms and trucks at EISELE AG, states: “Of course, for us, the costs made the difference. And with TADANO, we knew that this investment would pay in every respect."

The ATF 45-3 had accumulated approx. 17,000 operating hours and 120,000 kilometers, all that without significant problems. Nevertheless, the passage of time takes its toll. And as we knew by experience that this TADANO model still meets the requirements of current construction sites and road conditions, the arguments in favor of a comprehensive overhaul prevailed.

For such maintenance and overhaul services, the TADANO factory premises in Lauf an der Pegnitz provide an extremely well-equipped specialist crane workshop on a surface area of 2,000 m2. Customers utilizing this offer can rely on the decades of experience of the crane manufacturer and service provider. Upon request, TADANO provides a replacement vehicle from the pool of used cranes during the crane's downtime.

Routinely, each crane initially undergoes close examination in the scope of an incoming inspection free of charge which is performed by our team of foremen. Based on the outcome, a cost estimate with binding price data and scheduling is prepared. Thus, EISELE AG had at its disposal maximum security regarding expenditure and the availability of their ATF 45-3. The overhaul was performed exclusively by the qualified specialists in the workshop team. As usual, TADANO used only original spare parts according to the manufacturer's standard. Thus, EISELE AG opted for a reasonable investment promising the known degree of quality. This enables competitive costing of the hourly rates, as it is possible to use empirical figures from the past few years and as the costs of the overhaul are considerably lower than those involved in acquisition of a new crane.

The overhaul comprised engine, cylinders, crane body and painting. "The crane will always be our darling. Of course, this is also due to its reliability and ease of operation. It provides everything we need without requiring a pilot's license for operation," explained Rocco Schimmel. The technical advisor is especially proud of the good telescoping characteristics under load which is a challenge to crane work in exhibition halls. He knows that the "worst case", i. e. a failure on the construction site, has never happened with his TADANO. He also appreciates another advantage - actuation of the individual cylinders during telescoping operation. Rocco Schimmel and EISELE AG can rely on all that with their overhauled ATF 45-3. Unsurprisingly, the second 3-axle crane in the machine pool also underwent rejuvenation.

EISELE AG Crane & Engineering Group
Founded in 1988 as a towing and crane service provider, EISELE AG today employs a staff of over 60 and maintains a modern vehicle pool of mobile cranes of up to 1200 tons and mobile indoor cranes of up to 40 tons. The company operates all over Europe, providing everything from advisory, rental to comprehensive services. This includes preliminary inspections, CAD-supported operations planning or official permits. Working platforms, forklift trucks and tele forklifts are new and complete the range offered by EISELE AG.

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Delivery of ATF 45G-3 to EISELE AG Crane & Engineering Group

From left to right:

Claus Eisele with his grandson, Angela Eisele, EISELE AG Crane & Engineering Group, Klaus-Peter Grabe; General Manager Repair Workshop, Norbert Bock; Foreman Repair Workshop TADANO FAUN GmbH