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For both greater flexibility and economic efficiency – Schwarze-ASC buys TADANO ATF 70G-4 and ATF 220G-5 cranes made by TADANO

Schwarze-ASC GmbH from Garbsen (Lower Saxony, Germany) has been a customer of TADANO since 2014. A 70-ton 4-axle crane was followed by the company’s purchasing of an additional ATF 70G-4 and an ATF 220G-5 in the first quarter of 2017 all at one go. Besides the general satisfaction with the first newcomer from the Franconian crane manufacturers, flexibility and economic efficiency were the prevailing, tangible arguments for this investment.

Schwarze-ASC GmbH is an owner-managed company in the third generation. Nina Schwarze followed in her father’s (Walter Schwarze) footsteps. As a member of the Board of BSK (Bundesfachgruppe Schwertransporte und Kranarbeiten - German Federal Working Group for Heavy Transport and Crane Work), she is very well acquainted with her industry and of course with the regulatory challenges as well. Thus, Nina Schwarze is well aware of how important flexibility is today. And as more roads and bridges are being subjected to load restrictions, lower axle loads of mobile cranes are becoming increasingly important. Thus, the axle load of 10 tons was decisive for the second, "smaller" TADANO, the ATF 70G-4.

Regarding the big ATF 220G-5 which performs most of its operations at Schwarze’s in load capacity classes ranging from 130 tons to 220 tons, the performance and the counterweight configuration are also essential for Nina Schwarze. And this makes sense for the company, as is demonstrated by the increasing number of the ATF 220G-5’s operating hours which is thus continually opening up a new market for Schwarze-ASC. For operations in the segment from 40 tons to 80 tons, the ATF 70G-4 has also been in high demand since its delivery.

However, full capacity utilization is only pleasing for crane rental companies which can operate their cranes profitably. This is ensured by the 2-engine concept which has been consistently further developed and implemented by TADANO. Consequently, both the carrier and the superstructure engines are ideally dimensioned for their different tasks: this saves fuel and operating resources during crane work. Thus, the cost reduction achieved by the engines running separately in both TADANO cranes was not only decisive for Nina Schwarze. According to Ms Schwarze, the reliable Service, which, however, has been called upon in rare cases only, is a matter of course for TADANO customers, as experience with the first ATF of Schwarze-ASC had shown.

Schwarze-ASC GmbH
With approx. 70 employees, the Schwarze Group operates in the crane, transport and container business in the area of greater Hanover and in the Brunswick region. Moreover, Schwarze provides transports all over Germany, to a certain extent all over Europe. Founded in 1952, the company has been managed by Nina Schwarze for the past few years now in the third generation of ownership. Their comprehensive portfolio includes trucks with loading crane, heavy-duty logistics and rigging work, but also office, storage and sanitary containers.

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Delivery of the ATF70G-4 and ATF 220G-5 to Schwarze-ASC GmbH 

From left to right:

Thorsten Dietzel; Area Sales Manager TADANO FAUN GmbH, Nina Schwarze; Director Schwarze-ASC GmbH