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Bolte-Krane serves the northern German market with a new HK 40, manufactured by TADANO

Since 2017, when the brothers Tobias and Daniel Bolte joined their father’s enterprise, it has been operating as a limited-liability company under German law (GmbH). A new HK 40 now enhances the crane pool which focuses on the specificities of the northern German market with shipbuilding and wind power plants.

When Daniel Bolte collected the taxi crane in Lauf / Pegnitz in Franconia, routine instruction was part of the package, all the more as the Bolte family operates their cranes themselves. Indeed, the briefing did not take long. This was especially due to the fact that Bolte-Krane has been operating two TADANO cranes for quite some time and TADANO is known for their straightforward and failsafe operating concept. Thus, Daniel Bolte was already familiar with most of the functions, particularly as he had already learnt to appreciate the “user-friendliness of the easily understandable technology”, as he puts it. According to the co-owner, even repairs can be performed in many cases quickly and without the support of a technician. Nevertheless he is aware that he can always rely on the TADANO Service on site.

The HK 40 superstructure is mounted on a Scania carrier. The separately operating carrier and superstructure engines help save fuel and lubricants, as Daniel Bolte knows from experience. This is an advantage which the Bolte brothers include in their costing, as well as the reliability of the TADANO cranes, especially with a focus on wind power plant construction where the HK 40 is used in foundation engineering. Here, all services from transport to crane operation, must work hand in hand. Another important field of application of the taxi crane is ship repair. Here, the TADANO model fully utilizes the power of its boom with a lifting capacity of 40 tons. Another range of applications for the HK 40 at Bolte-Krane is construction of buildings, steel structures and power plants and the erection of prefabricated houses.

Being the only crane enterprise in the rural district of Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Bolte-Krane’s crane pool is continuously in operation. Tobias and Daniel Bolte, who say that they have been fascinated with cranes ever since their childhood, know from experience that they can count on the reliability and longevity of TADANO machines for the future of their company.

Bolte-Krane GmbH

Bolte-Krane is service provider for crane rental and heavy transports within the “Elbe-Weser-Dreieck” region. Their field of activities stretches from Cuxhaven to Bremen and Bremerhaven down to Hanover and from Oldenburg to Hamburg. The fourth-generation owner-operated company offers crane rental with a large choice of individual crane systems for industrial and private applications. They are pleased to perform crane work and transports on a regional and national basis within Germany.

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Delivery of the HK 40 at TADANO