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Continuing on the road ahead: Steil Kranarbeiten picks up one ATF 70G-4, one ATF 100G-4 and two ATF 220G-5 from TADANO

Steil Kranarbeiten, a long-established company from Trier, is operating Europe-wide. For the wide range of challenges, its current fleet of 105 cranes is reinforced by four new TADANO models. The lowest load capacity class came in August with the ATF 70G-4 in the version with 52.1 m boom length. It reaches maximum axle load limits as of 10 tons without difficulty. The ATF 100G-4 was deliberately selected as a crane from the Franconian manufacturer to replace a machine of another brand. The first ATF 220G-5 which was also delivered in June, will serve the wind power sector, as will the second model of this class which is intended for the headquarters in Trier, in July. Here, the Managing Director Birgit Steil, who belongs to the third generation heading the company, relies on the benefits of TADANO cranes. She estimates: “The ATF 220G-5 is an extremely powerful crane within its class“.

This assessment is based on the longstanding experience of over ten years with vehicles made by TADANO. With this in mind, the graduate lawyer Birgit Steil consults the responsible members of her team for crane work. Thus,every investment decision is based on a broad consensus. Otherwise, the boss of 180 employees only in the crane work sector would not be able to provide the reliable service which she accounts for with the name Steil. Ultimately, the customer consultants and schedulers must be convinced of the performance potential of their fleet in order to submit credible offers.

TADANO cranes convince Steil Kranarbeiten due to their reliability, straightforward operation and responsive service. All persons involved in the company are in agreement on this point, first of all the employees who work with and on these machines on a daily basis.

For Birgit Steil, the power of the ATF 220G-5 is in the focus. Specialized in wind power plants, her company relies on a boom which manages the exacting hoisting work with an upward potential. Here again, the experience in this sector is important. Steil Kranarbeiten has been serving wind power providers for 20 years now. Thus, they are aware of the specific challenges and know which machine is capable of meeting them. To this effect, TADANO models feature another highlight: the new asymmetric outrigger base. Thanks to this technology, the mobile cranes are now capable of reaching even higher lifting capacities with the outriggers extended to different lengths. In this process, the lengths of all four outrigger beams are determined automatically by length sensors. Thus, the maximum possible lifting capacities can be enabled. The special feature is that this is effected for each individual sector of the four outrigger beams.

The investment into the four new TADANO mobile cranes at very short intervals not only substantiate the positive growth trend of the customer Steil Kranarbeiten, but they also prove the long-established trust in the advantages described above which distinguish the cranes from Lauf / Pegnitz. As Birgit Steil perceives a constant potential especially in the wind power sector, continued cooperation can be assumed for the future.

Founded in 1924, the company handles difficult tasks with a longstanding experience, trained staff and a highly specialized fleet. With over 100 cranes, the appropriate solution is available for almost every task. Acting from five strategic bases, Steil covers the Saar region, the adjoining France and Luxembourg with crane work and is operating both on a German-wide and international basis. Their scope includes, moreover, heavy transports, certified oil damage control using cutting-edge techologies (BIOTEC® process) and a salvage and recovery service for buses and trucks.

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Delivery of the ATF 220G-5 at Steil Kranarbeiten GmbH & Co.KG

From left to right:
Frank Brachtendorf; Area Sales Manager TADANO, Michael Speicher; Branch Manager Steil, Patrick Weber; Driver Steil, Denis Bauer; Plant Manager Steil, Patrick Speth; Truckdriver Steil Saarwellingen, Daniel Gödert; Project Management Steil, Frank Nicklas; Technical Field Service
Steil, Johannes Gruner; Deliverydepartment TADANO