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ATF 130G-5 enhancing the lifting capacity range as the 4th TADANO crane at Fricke-Schmidbauer GmbH

With the new ATF 130G-5 made by TADANO, the company from Brunswick, which can look back on a long tradition, closes the gap between the 100 and 170-ton lifting capacity. The “new one” at Fricke-Schmidbauer is the fourth TADANO mobile crane. “Being longstanding TADANO customers, we have relied on the trustworthiness of the crane manufacturers from the German region of Franconia for around 10 years now; thus, the decision for the 130-ton machine was a deliberate one based on our good experience,“ as managing director Katja Lutz-Bremer tells us.

In 1978, Louis Fricke KG became a 100% subsidiary of the Schmidbauer Group. The mission and the performance statement: “We move (just about) everything” requires a flexibly designed vehicle fleet with a wide range of lifting capacity categories. Another asset is reliability in the field. This is exactly where Katja Lutz-Bremer sees the advantages of the dual-engine concept which is being further developed consistently by TADANO: “The separate runtimes of the engines in the carrier and the superstructure not only reduce fuel consumption and wear, they also mean that engine failure on the construction site does not necessarily mean that all works come to a complete standstill. It may still be possible to complete the crane operation or at least to move the crane.”

The managing director also considered the new control elements integrated into the ATF 130G-5, which is one of TADANO’s upgrades, as positive, with reference to the crane operators’ experience. As crane jobs are becoming increasingly difficult, her staff is grateful for useful auxiliary features. This is where the upgrade presents a number of innovations. Crane work is especially supported by a new multifunctional touch display which can be operated additionally via buttons or a jog dial, as required. It is located twofold in the superstructure cab: the main display shows an image from two cameras. It can be tilted electronically, enabling the operator to respond to changing light conditions while work is in progress. The supplementary display for a complementary camera view can be removed from its position. Depending on the operating mode, the crane operator is free to decide which display this is to appear on. It also provides further information about the crane’s operating conditions. This includes average fuel consumption, oil temperature or hydraulic oil level.

Thanks to its performance data, the new ATF 130G-5 is a powerful allround talent within its category. For Katja Lutz-Bremer, the TADANO mobile crane is a robust and trustworthy model, as well as it features the reliable service for which the crane manufacturer from Lauf / Pegnitz is well known within its industry.

Fricke Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH
Established in 1868 as Louis Fricke KG, the company has been part of the Schmidbauer Group since 1978 and is part of a network of 20 subsidiaries. The approx. 500 employees in the Group move heavy loads with the help of 200 mobile cranes. They also perform special and heavy transports as well as assembly work. A large convoy of special vehicles is available to customers from industry and the building sector for transportation of the boom structures and counterweights for the giant mobile crane with road use approval.

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Ms Lutz-Bremer and her team on delivery of the ATF 130G-5