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Enhanced range of performance: Otto Fischer augments its TADANO fleet by adding the new ATF 100G-4

Thomas Fischer, owner and managing director of the transport company Otto Fischer, now owner-operated in the fifth generation, could just as well be termed a man of conviction. For he was clear about one thing: due to the good experience he had gained with a 35-ton crane, a 70-ton crane and a 220-ton crane made by TADANO, their new 100-ton crane would also be manufactured in Lauf / Pegnitz.

The decisive factor for the transport company was to close the gap in the lifting capacity category around 100 tons. The TADANO ATF 100G-4 proved to be ideally suited for this purpose. One aspect for Thomas Fischer were the four axles which considerably improve maneuvrability without sacrificing lifting capacity. Thus, the mobile crane can push itself to the limits of its capacity where the company owner still sees sufficient potential for working both safely and in a stable manner. If Fisher uses the new crane in the lower lifting capacity category, for example as a 60-ton machine, the four-axle crane requires less space for maneuvring and stabilization than longer models. This is the only way for the company to deploy only four cranes in order to serve the wide range of lifting capacities which is required for their highly diversified operations. For Thomas Fischer, this is a real competitive advantage.

In addition to the satisfactory ratio between lifting capacity, boom length and the number of axles, the dual-engine concept of the crane manufacturer from Lauf was a decisive argument in favour of the purchase. Here, Thomas Fischer appreciates the advantages of the two separate engines, which were again confirmed by the experience acquired with the ATF 100G-4. These include the efficient fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs, which pay off for a medium-sized company such as Otto Fischer and its customers. The precise mapping of the consumption figures and the extended replacement and servicing intervals permit reliable costing and consequently solid and competitive pricing.

Another factor results from the lucky coincidence that the factory premises are within easy reach of Neustadt/Orla in Thuringia via the A9 motorway. This reassures Thomas Fischer, in addition to service on site by the TADANO fitters with whom he has been familiar for many years, that spare parts are also not far away. And as these can be replaced in many instances by the customers themselves, due to the robust technology of TADANO cranes, this advantage represents a tangible time saving. Here again, years of experience have shown that service interventions are required only infrequently. Thus, the 70-ton crane which Thomas Fischer has sold to a foreign company, continues to work without any problems, as the purchaser confirms.

Thanks to the enhanced range of services, Thomas Fischer and his experienced team will gain additional job orders - no matter whether in wind farms or when installing transformer substations, the company will continue to rely on its crane manufacturer from Lauf / Pegnitz.

Transport company Otto Fischer
The company Otto Fischer, Güterverkehr und Krandienst, from Neustadt / Orla in the German Federal State of Thuringia, has been moving heavy loads since 1863. Thomas Fischer is the managing director of the company, which is now owner-operated in the 5th generation, and has a staff of 45 providing various services, including especially heavy-duty transports. The fleet of TADANO mobile cranes provides a range of services for lifting capacities from 35 tons to 100 tons, even up to 220 tons.

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Delivery of the ATF100G-4 to the company Otto Fischer
From left to right:
Siegfried Müller, area sales manager at TADANO FAUN GmbH; Heiko Gärner, crane operator at the transport company Otto Fischer; Thomas Fischer, managing director of the transport company Otto Fischer; Marc Müller, crane operator at the transport company Otto Fischer