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Convincing performance – ATF 100G-4 first TADANO mobile crane at Schiwek Kran + Transport GmbH

This could be the beginning of a long-lasting business relationship. The first TADANO mobile crane at Schiwek Kran + Transport GmbH from Lüdenscheid was convincing from the start. “The crane is a pleasure”, as managing director Nicolai Schiwek, himself a crane operator, said of the new ATF 100G-4. 

Asked for the arguments speaking in favour of the company’s first TADANO, the managing director who is one of the fourth generation heading the company, replied: “The ATF 100G-4 is considerably more powerful than comparable products.“ Thanks to this power, the crane service provider has even been able to perform operations without requiring a counterweight. An advantage which helps to cut costs and thus enhances competitiveness, as do the robust design and the uncomplicated functioning of the crane, as Nicolai Schiwek points out.

This power in the 100-t lifting capacity class was not the only argument for him and his predecessor which justified the acquisition of the new machine made by TADANO. For Nicolai Schiwek, the straightforward and thus easily manageable technology of the mobile crane is a major benefit which he experiences in real crane work. Another fact he considers positive is the possibility of replacing some spare parts internally, thus saving service interventions. This means that single parts can be removed and exchanged without the necessity of replacing entire components. This makes it possible to reach, in case of minor problems, at least the workshop or the company’s own yard which in turn helps to avoid long waiting periods. But so far, all jobs accomplished by the company have gone well. Nevertheless, the Management has the security provided by fast service on site, a factor which is appreciated by all TADANO customers.

Being the first TADANO among the seven mobile cranes at Schiwek’s, the ATF 100G-4 features another innovation, the dual-engine concept. Here, the medium-sized company with a staff of 10 considers the consumption values as well as the long service life afforded by the engines operating separately for carrier and superstructure to be a clear advantage. At present, Schiwek Kran + Transport handles loads up to 200 tons, meaning that the ATF 100G-4 has its focus especially in the medium lifting capacity range. However, it can be assumed that additional models made by TADANO will reinforce the vehicle pool. After the positive experience Nicolai Schiwek has had with his first mobile crane from Lauf /Pegnitz, he is “not reluctant” to consider investing in a second TADANO machine, as he acknowledges himself.

Schiwek Kran + Transport GMBH
Schiwek Kran + Transport GMBH is an owner-managed company in the fourth generation and has a staff of 10 in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine Westphalia. In addition to seven mobile cranes, mobile construction cranes, forklift trucks and boom trucks are deployed especially for crane work, machine transport and forklift work. Based on several decades of experience (since 1926), comprehensive services for special transports are offered and implemented using appropriate machines and material.

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Schiwek Kran + Transport GMBH. Mr. Jörg and Mr. Nicolai Schiwek on delivery of the ATF 100G-4