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Higher productivity thanks to enhanced performance: new TADANO ATF 110G-5 doing lifting work at Kohlbacher GmbH

The Styrian family-owned company Kohlbacher GmbH implements turnkey projects in the domestic, residential and commercial construction sector. Until now, a 70-ton and a 65-ton crane from the TADANO-plant in Lauf have been in operation in Austria; now, the duo is being augmented by a third crane with considerably increased lifting capacity ? so-to-speak to form a triumvirate. 

The decision in favor of the ATF 110G-5 is based on several reasons. For Stephan Schrittwieser, engineer in charge of purchasing, lifting capacity is one important factor, the dual-engine concept from the crane manufacturers based in the German region of Franconia being the other. “Already the 70-ton crane has shown us how economic the two separate engines working in the carrier and the superstructure are as regards consumption. Reduced wear is another important aspect”, Stephan Schrittwieser describes his experience, which has been corroborated once again by the new mobile crane which has been in operation almost without interruption since its first day in the company.

For the Purchaser, the lifting capacity factor is directly linked to the productivity of the ATF 110G-5. As the crane is capable of lifting considerably larger prefabricated concrete parts, the number of parts moved is reduced accordingly. Thus, every operation of the TADANO crane saves time and consequently resources. Moreover, a sufficient volume of accessories and counterweights can be taken along without requiring a special permit. This gives the company greater flexibility.

A TADANO would not be a real TADANO, if service were not exactly as reliable as the crane itself. Thus, Stephan Schrittwieser appreciates the technology designed to be simple and easy to understand, as well as the responsive support provided by TADANO. Consequently, almost all repairs can be performed by in-house staff in the Kohlbacher GmbH workshop. And in case things should be a little more sophisticated, telephone support is the first choice. This works quickly and saves waiting times. So far, everything has worked smoothly, down to deployment of a technician on site. Since the company provides almost all services relying on its own resources, which as of now include the new TADANO mobile crane, reliability remains a real competitive advantage.

Kohlbacher GmbH
The team at Kohlbacher GmbH consists of over 400 committed employees who work together to implement semi-detached or terraced housing projects, residential and commercial construction jobs. Work is coordinated within 22 different sectors and service areas. As the company carries out production and building work almost exclusively without subcontractors and thanks to its many years of experience, it stands for quality and adherence to schedules.

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Delivery of the ATF 110G-5 to Kohlbacher GmbH