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TADANO purchases its Dutch and Belgian distributor, Waterland Trading

Since 2nd January 2018, TADANO FAUN GmbH has been the new owner of the Dutch and Belgian distributor Waterland Trading. The deal was completed right before Christmas last year.

TADANO FAUN has reorganized Waterland Trading B.V. and its subsidiary, Waterland Trading B.V.B.A., into two independent TADANO-subsidiaries now carrying the official names of TADANO Nederland B.V. and TADANO Belgium B.V.B.A. The directors of the two newly formed companies will be Jacob Wijnker, the former director of Waterland Trading, and Rolf Sonntag, the director at TADANO FAUN for sales, marketing and human resources.

TADANO FAUN expects the business reorganization described above to result in simpler and faster processes, as all involved business entities are now part of the same group and business operations can be run more directly as in the case of the Belgian market. At the same time, TADANO FAUN stresses that it feels extremely committed to its very strong Dutch and Belgian markets, which is also being reflected in the expansion plans for future business in these two markets.

Waterland Trading was established in 1990 by Peter Bleyenberg and became the exclusive TADANO distributor in 1998. Today, the team consists of 25 employees selling and servicing TADANO products in the Dutch and Belgian markets. This has led to a strong number two market position in several all-terrain tonnage classes. 

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The branch of the former Waterland Trading B.V., now officially named                       TADANO Nederland B.V.