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Klema Kranverleih GmbH has expanded its fleet with the ATF 100G-4 from TADANO, the Franconian crane manufacturer

A new, strong member – an ATF 100G-4 – is now supplementing the 100-tonne load class segment at Klema, the Upper Bavarian crane service provider. This medium-sized company, which offers a wide range of services, is thus obtaining the third TADANO mobile crane for its vehicle fleet. One point worth mentioning: after the new crane arrived, an “oldie”, a 30-tonne crane from the year 2001, was given a complete overhaul at TADANO in Lauf an der Pegnitz.

The vehicle fleet at Klema Kranverleih comprises of approximately 50 cranes altogether. The span of the max. lifting capacities of the mobile cranes ranges from 30 to 500 tonnes. Thanks to its performance characteristics such as simplicity, reliability and robustness, which are typical for TADANO, the ATF 100G-4 fits optimally into the offer spectrum of the Klema crane family. The new mobile crane has a boom measuring 51.2 metres in length and a maximum sheave height of 72.5 metres. In addition, the TADANO model has an asymmetrical outrigger base. Thanks to this feature, the crane is now able to achieve even higher loads in very restricted spatial conditions and with outriggers extended to different lengths. According to the 2-motor concept consistently implemented by TADANO in its mobile cranes, the vehicle has been equipped with two motors by Mercedes Benz.

With the ATF 100G-4, Klema Managing Director Sven Bauer has brought the second TADANO into his company in Upper Bavaria over the course of his 10-year employment at the company. In the year 2014, a 70-tonne crane was added to the fleet as an investment. When asked about TADANO, he emphasises the continuously-stable performance of the vehicles and the quick reactions of the TADANO Service as the reasons for choosing the Franconian crane-builder. In addition, his experience with the full overhaul of the 30-tonne crane, which took place in the optimally-equipped specialist workshop for cranes in Lauf an der Pegnitz, is proof for him of TADANO’s expertise.

All this leads the Managing Director to the following clear conclusion: “The performance simply has to be right on a crane, and if the reliability is also of a high quality, then this is yet another powerful argument. For this reason, I am certain that we will be purchasing further TADANO cranes”.

Klema Kranverleih GmbH
Klema Kranverleih GmbH was founded in 1965. The first crane was a 6-tonne truck-mounted crane. Over the decades, the vehicle fleet grew to over 70 vehicles and a team of 100 employees. Due to takeovers, the service focuses of forwarding and machine transport were added. Thanks to the constant expansion of the vehicle fleet by further truck-mounted cranes as well as tarp semi-trailers and transport equipment, the range of offers provided by the company is consistently increasing.  

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Handover of the ATF 100G-4 to Klema Kranverleih GmbH