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A new star in the 60 tonne class. The ATF 60G-3 from TADANO impresses at its European premiere

Lauf a. d. Pegnitz, September 2018. With the ATF 60G-3, TADANO has presented a crane with optimum weight distribution thanks to a completely new drive concept. Due to its high lifting capacity and main boom length, it covers the operational scope of a modern 60-tonne crane with ease. In addition, the 10-tonne axle load configuration with the compact 9.5 m basic boom and its telescopic load handling enable countless areas of operation. In short: The ATF 60G-3 is strong, long and simultaneously light. After the European premiere at INTERMAT in Paris, the manufacturer from Lauf an der Pegnitz also presented their new "Champion in the 60 tonne class" at Vertical Days in Donington Park in the UK and for the first time in Germany at the IFBA in Kassel. To sum up all of the trade fairs: The ATF 60G-3 impressed the industry visitors and the TADANO FAUN GmbH sales team were able to book more than twenty sales within a very short space of time.

Marketing Manager Uwe Renk offers a positive summary: "All of the presentations have demonstrated that with the ATF 60G-3, we have developed a crane that is precisely tailored to market requirements. In all discussions with visitors we received the feedback that this crane scores points with customers due to its combination of high efficiency and a broad operating spectrum." 

TADANO selected the INTERMAT 2018 at the end of April to present its new crane to an international trade audience for the first time since the trade fair premiere at bauma two years beforehand. More than 1,400 exhibitors at the Paris exhibition grounds and over 170,000 visitors from 160 countries make the INTERMAT not only one of the largest trade fairs for the construction industry, but also the ideal place to present one of the most important innovations from the Japanese-German Franconian manufacturer. 

Four years of development time have flowed into the ATF 60G-3. The engineers in Japan and Lauf an der Pegnitz have used this time to realise new solutions for the drive and lifting capacity-related assemblies. One of the development objectives was to optimise the weight distribution: With the new crane, operators should have as broad an application spectrum as possible available to them. In the ATF 60G-3 this is enabled by a 10-tonne axle load configuration, amongst other aspects. For this reason, in contrast to other cranes in its class, the ATF 60G-3 has two front axles and one rear axle. The undercarriage and superstructure are also driven by a rear engine installed at the rear on the superstructure.

The resultant balanced weight distribution in the 10-tonne axle load configuration ensures that the driver of an ATF 60G-3 can take more direct routes to the construction site. This is due to the fact in many cases the worsening infrastructure conditions for bridges and roads have resulted in rigid load restrictions. In addition, many countries are continuously tightening the axle load regulations. In addition to a light 10-tonne axle load configuration, the 3-axle crane has been optimised for axle loads of 12 tonnes, 13 tonnes and 16.5 tonnes. These are also designed by the developers so that they can be quickly and simply produced and the weight reserves of the crane can be optimally utilised.

This impressed the almost 3,000 trade fair visitors at Vertical Days in Donington Park, UK in mid-May. The ATF 60G-3 was likewise able to impress with its innovative technology at the most important British trade fair. This 60-tonne crane is able to address a great variety of tasks across the pond too. The new crane in TADANO's portfolio has benefits not only when travelling to construction site. In comparison to other 60-tonne cranes, it can lift up to 46 % more on the main boom and up to 62 % more on the jib.

With a 48 metre long main boom, the ATF 60G-3 achieves a sheave height of up to 51 metres and a radius of up to 44 metres – significantly more than its competitors. This also applies to the max. lifting capacity with variable main boom length or jib length. Even with a reduced outrigger base, the lifting capacities are secured with the help of the asymmetrical outrigger base. Thanks to its light weight in combination with its strengths and range, the ATF 60G-3 not only takes the shortest route to its destination, it is also both an all-rounder and a specialist in one. As a result, on the one hand it is ideal for classic applications in urban areas, in steel construction to lift facade sheeting, in the construction industry for assembling concrete components and in the towing sector for the recovery and transportation of trucks involved in accidents. On the other hand, it can also work in places where its compactness and powerful telescopic load handling are essential, for example in industrial halls and refineries.

These advantages were appreciated by the approx. 5,000 visitors to the IFBA in Kassel. The new ATF 60G-3 was presented there for the first time since the start of sales in Germany.

Christian Schroeder, sales manager for Germany/Austria is delighted with the large amount of positive feedback for the "new offering" from TADANO. "In addition to the new drive concept our customers are especially impressed about the high operating convenience. Comfort is becoming the most important topic in the industry sector. The new ATF 60G-3 has a large number of comfortable solutions for the driver:

-    The placement of the engine ensures that no emissions can penetrate the interior during the crane work and that the noise level remains low even during use.

-    The placement of the engine ensures that no emissions can penetrate the interior during the crane work and that the noise level remains low even during use.

-    During crane work, the large negative angle of up to -5° for the main boom provides an additional safety feature as this allows reeving and equipping of the jib to be carried out from the ground.

-    With 71 dB (A) it is extremely quiet in the front cabin. As a result, the driver can arrive at the construction site more safetly and more relaxed, particularly on long trips.

The new drive concept in particular has drawn interested glances and technical questions, and not just at the three previous exhibition appearances. The many thousands of test kilometres covered during the trial phase and thereafter, have already demonstrated, even at this early stage just after introduction to the market, that the ATF 60G-3 is extremely reliable both when travelling and when working.

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IFBA 2018 in Kassel

Intermat 2018 in Paris

Intermat 2018 in Paris

Vertical Days 2018 in Derby