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Practical training at TADANO FAUN GmbH. The crane manufacturer announces their training concept for hydraulic systems

Lauf a. d. Pegnitz, August 2018. Cranes such as the new ATF 60G-3 from TADANO cannot function without hydraulic systems. For this reason passing on basic knowledge in this field is one of the most important aspects of training with the Japanese-German Franconian mobile crane manufacturer, based in Lauf an der Pegnitz. Now training experts from IHK, the automotive guild and vocational colleges found out about the company's training concept within the course of an information event at TADANO FAUN GmbH. For example, a demonstration how practical application scenarios are presented and taught in the company's training system using one of the new hydraulic trainer devices from Hydac International.

This device enables the trainees, which currently number 29, to try out the handling of hydraulic components in detail in the TADANO FAUN GmbH apprentice workshop. Hydac designed the HHT2 hydraulic trainer as an industrial model so that it can be used to set up and resolve training tasks. However, Martin Übler, head of the apprentice workshop, thinks that it is also important that it is not only examination-relevant knowledge that can be passed on with this: "We can also use the hydraulic trainer to present a variety of targeted application scenarios, which the trainees will come up against in their daily work. The HHT2 also enables us to simulate and rectify possible problems."

With the large numbers of trainees at TADANO FAUN GmbH it is also important to allow as many apprentices as possible access to the practical exercises without unnecessary waiting times. For this reason, it is also possible for trainees to train at two independent workstations, each with their own equipment, on the hydraulic trainer.

The participants in the information event informed themselves on the hydraulic training situation at TADANO FAUN GmbH in many different ways. As one of the leading providers in this field with over 9,000 employees throughout the world, Hydac is a worthy source of information. TADANO has a close and long-term partnership with the renowned hydraulic manufacturer. As a specialist for all tasks where fluid technology is required in conjunction with hydraulics, electronics and engineering, Hydac is a reliable supplier for various hydraulic components used in TADANO products. Cranes from TADANO can lift loads of up to 400 tons which is why the hydraulic systems are used under extreme conditions. However, hydraulics also play an important role in numerous other sectors of industrial manufacturing.

TADANO FAUN GmbH is developing a total of ten different training professions. For this reason, the perfect equipping and design of the workshop also plays a critical role as highly-qualified training is part of the company culture in Japanese corporations. Life-long learning and continuous further development are important constituent parts of the ongoing commitment to quality.

The optimum symbiosis of high Japanese quality expectations and German engineering skills is reflected at TADANO FAUN GmbH, not only in the products but also in the training. Since 1990 the traditional company FAUN GmbH was taken over by TADANO Ltd. – an internationally positioned corporate group specialised in the development and production of hydraulic mobile canes and lifting equipment – the German Franconian part represented the centre of competence for the development and manufacturing of all-terrain cranes. These are developed and produced in Lauf an der Pegnitz and then distributed throughout the world via a global sales and service network. In addition, truck-mounted cranes are also developed and built here. Alongside Germany, TADANO has sites in Japan and America.

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The hydraulic trainer from Hydac in use at mobile crane manufacturer TADANO FAUN GmbH

Participants in the information event with Head of apprentice workshop Martin Übler