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TADANO helps Al Kulaib delight its clients

Al Kulaib International Trading Company specialises in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering works for the energy, petrochemical and water industries in Kuwait. "We believe in client delight" is the company’s motto. With Tadano cranes, Al Kulaib continues to succeed with this mission. It has a fleet of close to 40 mobile cranes to support its operations and has this year added eight new Tadano models, including three all terrains. The cranes make Al Kulaib International Trading Co self-sufficient in meeting the needs of its own projects, and they are also leased out to customers in the oil and gas fields – it is one of pioneers when it comes to oil and gas contractors in Kuwait. Al Kulaib’s newest Tadano cranes are: from the all terrain series, an ATF 180G-5, an ATF 130G-5 and an ATF 100G-4; from the rough terrain series, a GR-800EX and two GR-500EXL cranes; and two GT-600EL truck cranes. Managing director Muzamil Malik explains why hevchooses Tadano: "First of all, we have good very good relations here with the Tadano representative, Al-Babtain Co, and undoubtedly Tadano is a well-known brand in the Middle East. Most of the companies prefer to have either Tadano or other Japanese cranes." He continues: "To be more specific, we prefer Tadano cranes because of their durability, affordable maintenance cost and good reselling price. Our operators are well trained to operate these cranes; our mechanical team is well versed with the technicality of Tadano cranes; and parts are also easily available in Kuwait."

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Left to right at the crane handover are: Fernando Wada, sales manager of Tadano Middle East (Rep. office); Shingo Kyotani, area sales manager of Tadano Faun GmbH; Kazuumi Hiwatashi, general manager of Tadano Middle East (Rep. office); Mr M Ali, marketing director of Al Kulaib International Trading; Jan Scheidgen, sales director of Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain; Masim Molah, equipment manager of Al Kulaib International Trading; Faheem Javed, Tadano brand manager of Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain

Fernando Wada, Shingo Kyotani (both Tadano), Faheem Javed of Al-Babtain , Muzammil Malik, managing director of Al Kulaib International Trading Company, and Al-Babtain sales director Jan Scheidgen