ATF 100G-4

Flexibility re-defined. The ATF 100G-4.

The ATF 100G-4 provides you with maximum flexibility: Thanks to its 12 counterweight variants in total, you are spoilt for choice regarding the optional equipment you want to take along with you on your crane within the scope of the legal axle loads. No matter whether you choose a 7.6 t counterweight without jib or the formidable 6 t counterweight combined with a 18 m jib - both are no problem for the ATF 100G-4 within the maximum axle load of 12 t.

Another highlight in terms of flexibility is the new Asymmetrical Outrigger Base Control feature which helps to enhance the
ATF 100G-4's lifting capacities when space on construction site is limited and the outriggers need to differ in length. In this process, the length of all four outriggers is determined via length sensors automatically and the position of the superstructure is ascertained via the angle of rotation. Subsequently, both figures are communicated to the crane control system which releases the maximum possible lifting capacities for each single outrigger sector separately, which really is a special feature.

And how much more flexibility are you expecting for your purse from the dual-engine concept of the ATF 100G-4 which
- compared to vehicles with a single engine - saves you considerable amounts of fuel during crane operation? It is definitely something for you to look forward to.

Technical data

  • Max. Lifting Capacity
    100 t
  • Boom
    11.1 m - 51.2 m
  • Boom extension
    1.7 m / 10 m / 18 m
  • Max. Sheave height
    72.5 m
  • Max. radius
    58 m
  • Engine

    Mercedes Benz (EU Stage IV, EPA Tier 4f, ECE R96*)
    carrier: 320 kW (435 HP) / superstructure: 129 kW (175 HP)

    *equivalent to former regulation EU Stage III A / Tier 3
  • Gearing mechanism
    ZF-AS-Tronic 12 AS 2531
  • Gear
    8 x 6 x 8 (8 x 8 x 8 option)
  • Dimensions

    Length: 13.05 m
    Width: 2.75 m
    Height: 3.93 m