ATF 200G-5

ATF 200G-5

Stronger. More functional. And as efficient as ever. The new ATF 200G-5.

Thanks to specific structural reinforcements, the ATF 180G-5 repositions itself in the 200 t category, now under the name
ATF 200G-5. As customary with TADANO, each maximum lifting capacity must be physically feasible. The new ATF 200G-5 has demonstrated this capability without any problems - with a counterweight of just 50 t. It even enabled the other lifting capacities in the medium radius range to be increased clearly.

Further more, the new ATF 200G-5 stands out due to its revised driver's cab. It offers enhanced all-round visibility, ergonomic quality seats which provide especially high long-term seating comfort and a new multifunction touchscreen which can be actuated additionally via buttons or a rotary pushbutton, as the driver sees fit. The same touchscreen is additionally located in the superstructure cab - even in duplicate. The main display visualizes the image taken by two cameras and can be inclined electronically very easily in order to adapt it to the prevailing light conditions. The supplementary display features an additional camera view and can even be removed from its location in order to make operation even more convenient.

The ATF 200G-5 is optionally available with a fully hydraulically telescopable and tiltable jib, the Tadano HTLJ, which can be raised and telescoped under load. This permits crane owners to offer special solutions, for example when plants are to be mounted or dismantled. The HTLJ can also be mounted to the successful model ATF 220G-5, thus increasing the frequency of use within the fleet.

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