ATF 400G-6 EM 3B

Exceptional lifting capacity and easy to erect.

The ATF 400G-6 has a 138-tonne counterweight and is available with the optional 78.5 m luffing jib or our boom suspension system called "Power System". With this crane, you will find a classic 6 axle crane, such as you are used to, with all the same transportation and set-up requirements that go with. There is however one difference: the strength of the main boom. This means that you need to check if you want to invest in a boom suspension system at all. Take a look for yourselves! We will be happy to advise you.

Technical data

  • Max. Lifting Capacity
    400 t
  • Boom
    15 m - 60 m
  • Boom extension
    5.5 m - 78.5 m
  • Boom extension HTLJ
    12.6 m - 33.3 m
    (hydraulically telescopable and offset 5° to 60°)
  • Max. Sheave height
    125 m
  • Max. radius
    86 m
  • Engine

    Mercedes Benz (Euromot III B, EPA Tier 4i)
    carrier: 480 kW (653 HP) / superstructure: 195 kW (265 HP)

  • Gearing mechanism
    ZF-TC-Tronic 12 TC 3041
  • Gear
    12 x 8 x 12
  • Dimensions

    Length: 17.9 m
    Width: 3 m
    Height: 3.99 m