Truck-Mounted Cranes
Truck-Mounted Cranes

Within the Tadano Group Truck-Mounted Cranes are manufactured in Japan and USA as well as in our site in Lauf an der Pegnitz. With the HK 40 and HK 70 we have Truck-Mounted Cranes in our product range which have max. lifting capacities from 40 to 70 tons.

Our current product range

HK 70
Max. Lifting Capacity: 70 t
Boom Length: 11.4 m - 41 m
Boom extension: 8.8 m / 15.8 m
Max. Sheave height: 60 m
Max. radius: 46 m
HK 40
Max. Lifting Capacity: 40 t
Boom Length: 10.5 m - 35.2 m
Boom extension: 9 m
Max. Sheave height: 47.5 m
Max. radius: 40 m