Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Acquisition of a crane is a large investment which only pays off if the crane subsequently works reliably. This is ensured first of all by the high quality of Tadano cranes. Should your crane nevertheless fail to work as required, contrary to expectations, you can rely completely on our Customer and Spare Parts Service.

In our headquarters in Lauf/Pegnitz alone, we hold approx. 22,000 spare parts available in a recently (2013) designed logistics center. These can be ordered quickly and easily if required - by phone, email or fax. Our target is delivery on the same calendar day. On request, we deliver our spare parts directly to your workshop or to the site of operation of your crane - world-wide. In case a spare part is not in stock, our experienced technical and purchasing team will assist you in searching for an alternative item or in procuring the missing part as quickly as possible.

Our standard by which you can judge us is constant spare parts supply of your crane according to your requirements. To this effect, the 25 members of our Spare Parts Management Team at our headquarters and our many colleagues at our international Tadano partners will be pleased to help you.

The Spare Parts Management Team from Tadano Faun GmbH takes care of the market Germany. Please click here if you are looking for a spare parts partner for another country.

Your direct contact persons

Manager of Spare Parts Management

Michael Krite
Manager, Spare Parts Management
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 5399
E: michael.krite(at)

Teamleader of Spare Parts Management

Kazushige Inamori
Teamleader, Spare Parts Management
Languages: Japanese, English
T: +49 9123 185 5318
E: kazushige.inamori(at)

Sales Spare Parts Management

Michaela Braun
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 5162
E: michaela.braun(at)

Sales Spare Parts Management

Deniz Kurat
Languages: German, English, Turkish
T: +49 9123 185 5518
E: deniz.kurat(at)

Sales Spare Parts Management

Andreas Schulz
Languages: German, English
T: +49 9123 185 5517
E: andreas.schulz(at)

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