Technical Training
Technical Training

Our technical training workshops follow the motto help for self-help. Each participant of a training course becomes qualified to perform maintenance on our mobile cranes autonomously on site and to detect and repair minor defects on his/her own.

The training program offered is geared towards our internal service staff, workshop staff and our customers' own crane operators. We design the training courses according to the knowledge level of the participants. The focus is always on the method of operation of the system "mobile crane", consisting of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic modules and components. Vivid explanations are accompanied by numerous diagnostic examples and down-to-earth solutions, to ensure that the educational objectives are reached not only by means of theoretical, but also practical contents. Besides, the training courses also offer the opportunity for personal exchange between the participants, which again enhances the knowhow of all involved.

Our technical training courses are held on a regular basis and last one week (5 working days). Depending on the country of origin of the participants, the training courses are held in several languages. The theoretical lessons take place in our training facilities, the practical part on our test premises directly on the crane. We, of course, provide you with detailed training documents.

Contact person

Klaus Kintzel
Teamleader, Training
T: +49 9123 185 5172


Current Dates

  • 16. December - 20. December 2019, 5-6 axles

Course Content ATF 5-6 axles

  • Operating manual - structure and handling
  • Chassis and superstructure functions
  • Service and maintenance
  • Chassis and superstructure schemata, structure and handling
  • CAN-BUS and electronic rear wheel steering basics
  • Pneumatic system
  • Chassis and superstructure hydraulic basics
  • Chassis and superstructure troubleshooting
  • Superstructure Automatic Moment Limiter (AML) basics
  • Open discussion with design and service department


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