ATF 400G-6

A high load capacity with minimal time and effort required for rigging!

Max. lifting capacity
400 t
15 m - 60 m
Lattice jib
5.5 m - 78.5 m
Boom extension HTLJ
12.6 m - 33.3 m
(hydraulically telescopable and offset 0° to 60°)
Max. sheave height
125 m
Max. radius
86 m
Mercedes Benz
(Euromot III B, EPA Tier 4i)
carrier: 480 kW (653 HP) / superstructure: 195 kW (265 HP)
Gearing mechanism
ZF-TC-Tronic HD (Heavy Duty) with converter
12 x 8 x 12
Length: 17.9 m
Width: 3 m
Height: 3.99 m
Transport weight
(Standard scope of delivery)
72 t, 12 t axle load incl. 12.5 t swivel hook, toolbox, tyres 445/95 R 25 (16.00 R 25)

Exceptional lifting capacity and easy to erect. And that not once, but twice!

Our ATF 400G-6 is available in two different types.

The first type is a crane with a 98-tonne counterweight which is designed similarly to a 5 axle crane, only it is stronger. For you, this brings the undeniable advantage of a crane which in terms of ease of handling is like a 5 axle crane, despite being a class above in terms of lifting capacity. This is possible through its extremely strong main boom, developed without a suspension system. This has the result that in many different situations the crane can function without a suspension system, at a difference to others on the market. For more details on this type, please refer to our specifications ATF 400G-6 Part 1 which you can find further below.

In the second type, the ATF 400G-6 has a 138-tonne counterweight and is available with the optional 78.5 m luffing jib or our suspension system called "Power System". With this type, you will find a classic 6 axle crane, such as you are used to, with all the same transportation and set-up requirements that go with. There is however one difference: the strength of the main boom. This means that as with the first type, you need to check if you need a suspension system at all. Take a look for yourselves! We will be happy to advise you. For more details on type 2, please refer to our specifications ATF 400G-6 Part 1+2 which you can also find further below.

The ATF 400G-6 works safely.

The SAFETY of our products and the safety in the workplace have top priority for TADANO. We always endeavour to provide our customers and our society with safe hoists and to provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

Safe assembly of boom extensions

Falling protection is ensured by a waist-high guard rail mounted on the main boom of the ATF 400G-6.

In case of falling, it reduces the falling height and thus the risk of injury to the staff compared to conventional ankle-high rope guards.

Safe refuelling

Any auxiliary work on the crane such as refuelling must also be carried out with utmost safety. Therefore the fuel tanks of the ATF 400G-6 are easy to access.

The tank filler neck can be attached to a hook when climbing up the ladder leaving both hands free for holding on the ladder.

Safe walking

The following crane properties allow for the safe walking on
the ATF 400G-6:

  • all major sections of the crane are accessible using
    the personal protection equipment
  • various guardrails offer additional alternatives for
    holding on
  • minimised danger of slipping due to sand-covered
    treads and perforated steps
  • minimised risk of stumbling e.g. by using rounded
    head screws
  • contact points for the ladder at the main boom prevent
    the ladder from slipping and tilting

Directional stability when changing directions

Safety is not only important when lifting loads but also when moving the crane – since this is not like driving a passenger car.

Due to delayed rear axle steering, the rear end of the
ATF 400G-6 does hardly sheer out of line when changing directions. Thus the risk of damage on narrow streets and construction sites is reduced.

Of course, the rear axle steering can be activated immediately on request.

Reversing with open view

Reversing with huge cranes is a very critical process which frequently results in accidents. Therefore, the ATF 400G-6 is equipped with a reversing camera showing the crane operator the situation behind his crane.

In addition, the reversing camera is equipped with a microphone. Thus, possible dangerous situations are not only captured visually but also acoustically.

Powerful and reliable brakes

In addition to its mechanical service brake, the ATF 400G-6 is equipped with a wear-free hydrodynamic retarder brake (Intarder) which has an extremely powerful braking torque and allows for long-term and wear-free braking without brake loss or brake failure.

This allows for the safe driving of the ATF 400G-6 down long and steep hills.

Sway-free load pick-up

The Lift Adjuster of the ATF 400G-6 can be activated by the crane operator. It is a function which almost completely prevents the load from swaying when it is picked up.

The Lift Adjuster is particularly advantageous when having to pick up non-visible loads or loads at high point. Crane operators can completely concentrate on the load and the load environment including all involved workers because the crane radius is automatically maintained without having to keep an eye on the crane instruments.

Thus, the Lift Adjuster allows for the careful and sway-free load pick-up thus increasing the safety of the valuable load and persons in the load environment.

Prevention of swaying loads

The activatable Soft-Stop Function of the ATF 400G-6 allows for the smooth stopping of the crane before reaching the end of the operating radius. This is to avoid jerky movements and load collision by swaying loads.

This protects the valuable load and protects and conserves the crane.

High load capacity

Due to its comparatively high load capacity, the ATF 400G-6 rarely operates at its limit compared to competitors' cranes.

This is not only positive for the material and adds to the conservation of the crane but also allows for the relaxed working conditions of crane operators. Operating errors are reduced and the safety of crane operations is increased.

The ATF 400G-6 works reliably.

The second core value of TADANO, QUALITY, relates to our internal business processes, products and services. By continually improving our internal processes in the sense of “total quality management”, we can offer reliable products and services.

Comprehensive tests

As we all know it is better to be safe than sorry. This is the reason why we test the ATF 400G-6 not only after its completion within the scope of product audits and in test facilities but even before.

You wonder how? Very simple. As soon as the components are completed, their functions are thoroughly tested in a test booth specially designed for this purpose. Any occurring defect is immediately removed.

The advantage of this approach is obvious: if only impeccable components are assembled, it is very probable that the whole system is impeccable, too.

Safe screw connections

Considering that only one loose screw may cause the standstill of the whole crane, it is vital to pay utmost attention even to trivial activities such as the tightening of screws.

For the ATF 400G-6 we meet this requirement by using electronic torque wrenches which tighten screws exactly to the preset torque. Thus, no screw will be too loose or too tight.

Another advantage lies in the fact that the electronic torque wrench detects even minor cracks in the screws which would be invisible for the human eye. Thus, only impeccable screws are used.

Structured pipe and hose installation

We attach great importance to the structured installation of pipes and hoses in our cranes. Thus we minimise the risk of abrasion resulting from pipes and hoses scrubbing at the steel frame. Over time, the number of crane failures can be significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the installation pattern of individual pipes and hoses is well understandable. In case of damage, leakages can be easily found and removed, and overall repair costs are reduced.

Thus, the structured installation of pipes and hoses is a good investment in the long-term reliability of your ATF 400G-6.

High-quality coating

The optical appearance of cranes is one of the decisive factors for your customers to get a good impression of your products and to build up reliability in your company. A major factor is to avoid rust.

TADANO attaches great importance to high-quality coatings for our cranes in order to minimise the formation of rust. For example, the ATF 400G-6 is primed with a two-component multi-functional primer and then finished with a high-resistance two-component high-solid cover coat – in both cases not just once but twice.

Rims are subjected to the impacts of road stones and salt to a very high degree. Therefore, we attach even greater attention to the rims. All rims are powder-coated prior to assembly. The powder coating is burnt into the rims at a temperature of approx. 200 degrees Celcius. Due to its high degree of hardness, powder coating is much more resistant than conventional coating.

Sealing of individual cables

As we all know: the devil is in the detail. The high degree of reliability of the ATF 400G-6 does not least depend on the fact that all cables leading to one connector are sealed individually. Compared to cables which are not separately sealed, this reduces the risk of humidity getting into the connector which in turn would cause the failure of the crane electronics.

A minor measure with a major effect.

Much robust electrics, little sensitive electronics

Where would we be today without technical progress? Difficult to imagine. Technical progress has ever been and is still of great benefit for us, no question about it. However, it also entails disadvantages. The more sophisticated and complex the solutions, the more vulnerable they usually are.

We at TADANO focus on progress, as you can see in our innovations. However not at any cost. Critical components of the ATF 400G-6 such as instruments which can also be used with robust electrics instead of vulnerable electronics are not subject to our progress paradigm. Result: less failures and downtimes.

This is what our customers appreciate.

The ATF 400G-6 works efficiently.

EFFICIENCY represents the third core value of TADANO. We work passionately to provide hoists, from which our customers can benefit economically over the entire product life span and which contribute to the responsible handling of our environment.

Fuel-saving and environmentally friendly drive concept

The ATF 400G-6 is equipped with two engines – one powerful engine for the carrier and one smaller engine for the superstructure. This ensures considerable fuel savings during crane operation since smaller engines usually consume less fuel than larger engines. By the way: using two engines means that each individual engine is running for a shorter period which almost doubles the service intervals and the service life of both engines. Result: larger intervals for maintenance, repair and replacement which in turn results in a significantly increased reselling value of your ATF 400G-6.

In addition, the ATF 400G-6 is equipped with Mercedes Benz BlueTec engines. They consume up to 5 % less fuel than previous models and reduce particle emissions by 90 %. Considering this, the engines are not only extremely eco-efficient but also offer new job opportunities in branches with strict environmental regulations where only environmentally friendly machines are permitted.

Simple and quick refuelling

The fuel tanks for carrier and superstructure in the
ATF 400G-6 are located closely next to each other at the same side. Therefore, both tanks can be refuelled without having to manoeuvre the crane at the fuel station.

This saves both time and nerves. And it helps you to be well-prepared for your next job!

High load capacity

You want to know the impact high load capacity has on the efficiency or profitability of cranes? Very simple.

The ATF 400G-6 has the most powerful main boom of this series. It can lift loads up to a capacity where comparable cranes would already need a suspension system. With the ATF 400G-6, there are many situations when there is no need for transporting and setting up and removing a suspension system. You can surely imagine the scope of this saving potential.

Of course, when needed there is also a suspension system available for the ATF 400G-6, called TADANO Power System.

Much simple electrics, little complex electronics

Components which can also be used with simple electrics instead of complex electronics are not subject to TADANO's progress paradigm. This is how we keep necessary repair work simple, quick and cost-effective.

If, for example, there is a problem with a switch in the carrier or superstructure of the ATF 400G-6, this switch can simply and quickly be replaced on the spot by the crane operator. In contrast to complex electronic systems which usually require time and cost consuming service work and long downtimes of the crane.

Efficient operation

All TADANO All-Terrain cranes have almost identical and simple control concepts such that you do not need to familiarise yourself with the control system of each different crane.

Irrespective of whether you operate ATF 40G-2 or
ATF 400G-6, you are familiar with the operation of each crane right from the beginning. This saves precious time for each job and makes the job safer.

Fully-hydraulic telescopic luffing jib (HTLJ)

The ATF 400G-6 can be equipped with a 31 m long fully-hydraulic telescopic luffing jib (HTLJ) as option.

Thus, objects can easily be lifted beyond building edges and telescoped into building structures with a ceiling, which would not be possible with rigid boom extensions. This means that the TADANO HTLJ principally works like an additional fully-hydraulic main boom.

Another advantage surely is the safe ‘one man only’ and quick set-up time of ca. 15 min, being even possible in very narrow spaces at shortest jib length. Support through a second crane for the installation is not required.

Steering program switchable from any steering position

The steering program of the ATF 400G-6 can be switched from every steering position without having to move the crane to a neutral steering position (e. g. straight line) at first.

This makes the steering very easy to operate and it saves time at the construction site.

Minimisation of tyre wear due to electronic wheel alignment

If the wheels of a crane are not exactly aligned to the millimetre, the tyres are subjected to additional wear. In order to avoid additional wear, the wheels of the ATF 400G-6 are precisely adjusted using state-of-the-art electronic laser measuring systems.

This increases the service life of tyres of your ATF 400G-6.

No uncontrollable follow-up costs due to standard components

The ATF 400G-6 features a high degree of reliability. However, in case of repair you can be sure that your crane will be ready for operation within shortest time and at lowest cost.

Why? Because we maximise the usage of standard components in our cranes which are developed and produced by specialized companies at large scale. With the help of such global suppliers we provide global availability of spare parts.

By the way: standard components which are produced in high quantities ensure a high degree of quality standard and reliability.

Adequate axle loads

You want to know why the ATF 400G-6 is not equipped with outriggers which can be disassembled and reassembled? Very simple. Because it does not need this function.

Outriggers must always be disassembled and reassembled if the permitted axle load is exceeded and the weight of the crane has to be reduced temporarily by disassembling the outriggers. Since the ATF 400G-6 has adequate axle loads, it does not need outriggers which can be disassembled and reassembled.

And our customers benefit from this economic advantage.

ATF 400G-6

ATF 400G-6